Grafitive’s 6 way Process

What makes a company remarkable? Creativity? Some magic formula?

We believe that remarkable companies are remarkable because they have created a system that allows them to create consistently perfect results time after time and ‘consistency’ only comes as the result of systems and processes that are designed expertly and repeated perfectly.

Following is the process that we in Grafitive follow to to cook your remarkable mobile application.

Discovery & Understanding

Lets dig deeper to your discovery

This is where we explore the user needs and find the intersection of these needs with organizational level objectives and the technical feasibility. As soon as you send in your request for a custom quote, our expert calls you to discuss your app idea and gather the vision you initially have in terms of details, requirements and purpose. One of the highest values we bring to app development is our ability to translate your specifications into something greater than you’ve imagined, this Discovery helps our expert researchers, marketers and developers to brainstorm and nourish your initial idea to be a competitive and quality application which is strong in value.

We care not only about what this app does for the user, but how this app fits into your business, both short term and long. And, we’ll put it on paper, to make perfectly sure that we understand each other in form of a proposal.


Feel your Mock-up

We start with a “wireframe” of your app’s flow and functionality. Expert at our studio work intensively to give you your app’s customized prototype so you have a complete idea on how your app will actually work, including every button, control, screen, message, video and sound.


Be fully satisfied

We really want you to be fully satisfied with what you are about to receive in terms of quality, design and functionality. Our experts remain in constant touch with you for your feedbacks and suggestions until you are satisfied enough to approve.

Our project manager will then send you a detailed project plan highlighting detailed assignments of resources and deadlines on deliverables, helping to identify milestones and provide traceable action items.

Design & Development

Your App in the forge

Depending on their purpose, some apps are graphics-intensive, and others should be minimalistic. Regardless of your type of app, we’ll develop an appropriate design that promotes your new or existing brand, and engages the user. Our Mobile Developers then have the right environment set up and develop code on the appropriate programming language so that it matches perfectly to every piece of documentation we’ve produced, and every single expectation you have.

Testing & Quality Assurance

It’s not perfect until it is perfect

No App is ever perfect or bug-free in the first go. Beyond that, we sometimes find small tweaks that can make huge improvements in usability or the functionality of an app. Each mobile platform requires a different approach for application development. This means that we will be creating separate development and testing environments for each of the platforms and test it to the fullest until and unless we ourselves are satisfied about the promise of quality and experience according to latest standards that we promise our clients.


Your App in the Limelight

This is the phase when you are excited to show your perfect app to the world and we are even more excited to launch this new app for you. In this final step we market and distribute your apps to different markets available, may it be Windows, App Store, iTunes or Google Play, we offer worry-free promotion of your project on all the platforms.

We hope and believe that our quality experience in deploying well aimed solutions to clients from diverse business verticals and our impressive track record of on time delivery of solutions, can safely assure a high quality mobile application suiting your requirements.

So ready to hit the digital wave with your very own perfect mobile application?

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