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The recent rise of mobile gaming has also spawned a host of new innovative business models. The rise of mobile games industry has given birth to several new and innovative business models and marketing strategies.

Grafitive have all those right elements which you have been seeking including a solid team with a great track record and innovative concepts and strategies that can scale up your business, marketing and performance needs. Break-through marketing, unique design for the platform and an immersive game play experience are just some of the critical issues for success which our experts at Grafitive tend to focus on in order to provide you with that perfect game that you may just have imagined.

Apart from your perfect mobile game we can help you in other areas as well like:

  • Complement your exisiting brand/s.
  • Use your game as a smart marketing tool
  • As a self-thriving revenue generator

We are constantly working on wide range of games for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry and Microsoft Windows. Our programmers, script writers, producers, designers and marketing experts form a strong team striving to reach specific, measurable, achievable, timely and creative goals.

Please see our portfolio or fill out our Creative Apps Brief form for $99 to start your mobile game project.

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Iphone Game Development

Enjoy the ride of lifetime

Grafitive has been working on the iPhone game development space ever since the first gen iPhone launch. Since then we have been building exciting and interactive iPhone games and apps which provided gamers and users a strong reason to glued to their iPhone.

Apart from building feature rich gaming applications we have developed several iPhone games for our clients. Combining core game mechanics, bug-free iPhone programming and stunning iPhone graphics, Grafitive makes your iPhone game, iPhone app or iPhone game app stand out from the competition. Our remarkable reputation with repetitive success in the mobile gaming industry is because of our talented human resource and experts and also our flawless game development process. Please see our Mobile application development process chart for a better understanding.

iPhone game developers at Grafitive make use of all the upcoming and advanced features like proximity sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope which infuses the element of interactivity and interest in any iphone game. Our qualified team understands that technical development is extremely necessary for every iPhone game development project and requires a little more than the basic technicalities like iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch / Objective C, OpenGL ES, Xcode IDE, OpenGL,Core imaging, Applescript, Core video, Core audio and Core animation.

Why Grafitive as your iPhone game developer?

  • Brainstorming and nurturing the basic idea to make the game successful and hit the charts of App Store
  • Strong technical knowledge of iPhone game programming and other related third-party components
  • A variety of gaming environments
  • Visually appealing features & Design
  • Multiple functions in each game
  • Smooth running games
  • Spectacular backgrounds, themes and scenarios
  • Each game is unique
  • Great customer support
  • Affordable prices

We are always super excited to discuss game ideas. If you have a game idea, get in touch with our experts and we will work with you on developing the concept further and also offer a FREE quote for developing the game for iPhone.

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Android Game

Unfold the largest gaming platform

Android has seen exponential growth in terms of market penetration and so has been the growth of Android game development. Besides being extremely sound with the technicalities of Android game development, our game developers get the complete support of our creative graphics design team and in-house QA team to develop the best in class Android games.

Grafitive – is a leading Android app development company which develops android games with breathtaking visuals and amazing functionalities. Our Android developers who are skilled in Android framework, develop games that bring you high ROI. Having technical expertise in Android SDK framework and other tools and technologies such as Java, Linux, HTML5, CSS3; we develop high quality games of your choice.

One of the major challenges of android development is the varied devices with a wide variety of screen sizes. Our Android game developers have managed to tackle these issues with expertise and deliver games that are entertaining and addictive to end users.

Steps of Android Game Development at Grafitive

  • Understanding Game Storyline
  • Game Plot making
  • Storyboard
  • Character Designs
  • Environment Design
  • Logic Implementation
  • Levels Development
  • Testing and Bug Fixing
  • User Acceptance Test
  • Game Launch on Google Market Place and its Marketing

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iPad Game

Immersive gaming experience now looks bigger

The complexity and diversity of iPad games grows larger by the day. Our skilled and experienced iPad developers can create a new application from the scratch or modify and enhance an existing iPad programs by using the creativity and ingenuity of our developers, who have expertise in working across various Apple platforms.

Apple’s iconic devices, iPad and iPad 2 has revolutionized the concept of mobile gaming and has marvelously augmented the gaming experience through its rich list of features, incredible functionalities and awe-inspiring form factor.

Our iPad game development team specializes in developing exciting and spellbinding games by perfectly blending creativity and competency with the functionalities of an iPad. And, they are expert in creating all genres of games including puzzle games, arcade games, social games, action, adventure and RPG games. Games powered with high-quality graphics, excellent design, exciting game play using select iPad sensors such as accelerometer, gyroscope etc., to provide users the ultimate experience in gaming and ensuring commercial success for you.

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Facebook Game Development

It’s about millions! No trillions!

We at Grafitive understand that developing a facebook game application is not only about the very best and immersive gaming experience but also about the strategic branding and positioning. Thus, to harness the total power of social media and entertainment together is what Grafitive aims to do for you. Reach over millions of tapped or untapped customers of yours with exciting and visually appealing games on Facebook. Our expert designers, developers, illustrators and digital marketers work day and night to build and market your Facebook game application to make it a major hit.

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